How to manage your carbon footprint at work


Interested in how to manage your carbon footprint at work? If you are a small or large business, making the choice to reduce your carbon footprint can help you save money and is an excellent way to help contribute positively to the environment.

Learning how to manage your carbon footprint at work begins with adopting a more eco-friendly business model. This can also improve how your company is viewed by potential customers. There are lots of ways you can improve how green your company is, here a just a few:

Before you begin your decarbonisation journey it may be beneficial to calculate your current carbon footprint, we recommend this site.

If you already know your estimated carbon footprint before you start trying to reduce it, you will probably find the whole process easier. You may also find areas of your life that are more carbon intensive than you thought. 


Switch to LED lighting

Using LED lighting is one of the most effective ways a business can save money and reduce the amount of energy used. LED bulbs use approximately 15x less energy than regular halogen lighting. With a price drop like that, how can you say no?


The benefits include:

  • Up to 70% energy savings on lighting costs
  • Payback period of typically less than 1 year
  • Maintenance costs reduced to zero, improved performance and up to 15-year life span
  • 100% Enhanced Capital Allowances
  • Retrofit – replace like for like and use existing fittings


Cycle to work or take public transport

Driving to work, although convenient, contributes a great deal to carbon emissions and C02 levels. So, cycling to work not only keeps our atmosphere nice and healthy but It can also keep you fit! If you can’t cycle to work then try looking at your local transport routes. If you can get the bus or train to work you’re actively removing the carbon emission you would otherwise emit with your car. 

As a user of public transport I understand why most people are put off when it comes to travelling on these services. If you are really committed to managing your carbon footprint, this is a great start. 


Turn off appliances

Many people think that leaving plugs on while the device attached is switched off doesn’t use electricity. This is actually not true!  Turning appliances off after each work day can help reduce your energy bill. If you work in a business that may need some appliances active for 24 hours during the week day then consider turning it off over the weekend! Whenever you’re not using an appliance and it doesn’t need to be on switch it off! 



All business’ generate waste, whether it is a large amount or small you should always aim to recycle whatever you can. Even take some recycling home! Encourage your other employees to do so, engage with them and make it fun. Introduce a challenge, see who can recycle the most in a month and give the winner a prize! 

If you work in a building that doesn’t recycle their waste possibly talk to the builder owner and tell him you want to start recycling! 


Switch energy provider!

Changing your energy provider and source of energy to renewable is possibly one of the most effective ways to manage your workplace carbon footprint! Not only do you commit to renewable energy it can also help save you money! It’s a myth that renewable and green energy in the UK is more expensive than coal or fossil fuel power. 

We hope this helped you learn how to manage your carbon footprint at work! Thank you for your time!

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