All you need to know about zero and low carbon gas!

Zero and low carbon gases are the most prevalent forms of natural gas alternatives. In this post, you will learn a little more about these gas alternatives!


Zero carbon gas

Carbon Zero Gas gives your business an opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable development and to take practical action to minimise the environmental impact of your carbon emissions.

It offers a quality-assured way for you to offset the carbon emissions released as a result of your natural gas consumption, at the same time as supporting accredited carbon-saving projects in Africa and India.


Why invest in Carbon Zero gas?

  • Reduce your environmental impact
  • Invest in reputable and viable carbon-offsetting projects
  • Flexibility to offset all or a percentage of your emissions from gas usage
  • Enhance your CSR credentials by supporting global community-enhancement
  • Receive a certificate to publicly demonstrate your commitment to sustainability


Low Carbon gas

Our green gas is sourced from Anaerobic Digestion, where waste that would otherwise leak methane (a gas 20 times more potent than CO2!) into the atmosphere is processed into biogas to be used as fuel. It works by adding bacteria to organic feed stock – usually waste, like a mixture of animal slurry and vegetation; this process releases a biogas which is collected and in electricity production, is burned to heat water and turn turbines, and the waste heat is put to good use like pasteurising the ‘digestate’ so it can be used as fertiliser.

Certified 100% green! Behind the scenes, this gas supply comes with a Green Gas certificate under the independent Green Gas Certification Scheme.

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