Greener Education Initiative

As part of out Greener Education Initiative. we offer schools and colleges a unique set of tools to reduce energy bills and educate your staff and students. We can offer three tools in which your school can become greener.



Sustainable Energy


By 2020, the Government would like all schools to be models of energy efficiency, renewable energy use and water management. That’s where we can help! Changing to renewable energy with us can help you achieve this feat. You haven’t got long left! Switch today!



Energy Sustainability Training


Our staff energy efficiency and sustainability training is designed for everyone within your education establishment, staff and students alike. It will give educational insight and understanding, allowing them to commit to becoming more sustainable.

Your training will cover topics including but not limited to;

  • Ofsted Sustainability 2020
  • Energy basics, including renewable and non-renewable
  • UK legislation
  • Carbon basics Monitor, manage and reduce.



Smart Technology


Running a school buildings’ budget can be a full-time job in itself! Our monitoring software allows you to manage and reduce energy!

Our Energy Monitoring System takes your AMR data and converts it into clear graphs, charts and reports for your organisation, providing an essential tool for monitoring and reducing your energy usage and carbon emissions.

Want to find out more about how you could make your school green? Take a look at our education page located at the top in the site menu!

Are you interested in green energy?