Energy Monitoring Software


What exactly does it do?

Energy monitoring software is a general term used for energy-based applications that offer a range of useful tools. Some of these tools might be:

  • real-time metering
  • utility bill tracking
  • building HVAC and lighting control systems
  • building simulation and modelling
  • carbon and sustainability reporting
  • IT equipment management
  • demand response
  • energy audits.

Monitoring software is a great way of tracking real-time energy usage, with historical data stored for future use. There are often several other tools within the software than can help you analyse and identify where your consumption is coming from. You can often see precisely where your energy is used, allowing you to find ideal chances to save money and energy. You could also discover whether equipment or appliances or malfunctioning or whether there could be leak.


What we offer

Our Energy Monitoring System takes your AMR (automated meter readings) data and converts it into clear graphs, charts and reports for your organisation, providing an essential tool for monitoring and reducing your energy usage and carbon emissions.

Within our team we have specialists from many backgrounds, so we can provide AMR hardware, appropriate to your needs, from multiple hardware vendors.

If you want to know more about energy management software take a look at this wikipedia article! 

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