Are you using too much water? 


Business Water Audits:


Business water audits are relatively recent in the UK as the water market was deregulated in 2017. The benefits of an open water market is that utility management for water has become much easier! Since April 2017, eligible businesses and other non-household customers in England are able to choose their supplier of water and wastewater retail services.

A competitive water market is also expected to deliver over £200m of benefit to the UK economy and bring significant environmental benefits too. In the new market, retailers will compete with each other to win customers.


One of the ways that they will try to do this is by offering higher standards of service as well as lower costs. Customers with more than one premises may be able to deal with only one supplier for their water and wastewater services, which could reduce paperwork and administration costs.


Unsure as to whether you’re using too much water in your business premises? We can help! Business water audits help reduce your water cost and usage.


76% of all commercial organisations are using too much water, with an average cost saving of around 40% achievable. Our water audits investigate water usage at your site to understand where and how water is being used as well as identifying waste.

The audit can define the problem such as an underground leak or internal running water, and help identify potential cost saving opportunities. We would then identify water wastage and opportunities for cost savings and make recommendations for each customer that could help reduce water use.


Initial bill analysis is free of charge and clients are under no obligation to carry out additional works we may recommend.  

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