What Are Smart Meters?



Essentially, they are a simple and affordable solution to provide accurate real time data and accurate billing without the need for manual meter readings. We can offer smart meter installations for your business premises, some benefits of smart meters are:

  • Quick and simple installation.
  • No manual programming required.
  • Replacement of existing gas meters for a new metric pulsed output meter.
  • Reliable connectivity with GPRS transmission.
  • Integrates with any existing building management systems.
  • Easy to use administration system.
  • Half hourly, daily and monthly online reporting.
  • Meter read formats delivered in a format to suit you (Eg, m3 or kWh)
  • Battery powered device with a 10 year battery life and guarantee.



After the energy sector was deregulated a market was created throughout the world. Utilities then needed a means to match consumption with generation. The older ‘non-smart’ electric and gas meters would only measure the total consumption, with no detail on when said energy was consumed. Smart meters were the answer to this issue. They measure site specific information that allows the utility company to charge different prices for consumption, according to time of day and the season. 

Smart meters offer potential benefits to homeowners as well. They help bring an end to estimated bills, a huge issue with most customers. Smart meters are an excellent way of managing their energy purchases.

With a constant reminder of their total consumption of gas and electricity customers can use this up-to-date information to manage their energy use and ultimately their bill.

This is also very beneficial when considering how volatile gas prices can be, allowing a customer to stay in control of how much they use according to the current prices. It will also be highly effective for each season; ensuring you don’t use unnecessary gas in the summer and manage the amount you use in winter.


Want to know more? We recommend this wikipedia article, take a look!

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