How do wind turbines work?


Have you every asked yourself ‘how do wind turbines work?’. Well you’re not alone! Despite wind turbines popping up all over the UK in recent years, it has probably occurred to most people that they are ensure of how wind power works! 

Essentially, the wind turns the blades on the turbine and then spins a generator inside which produces electricity. More specifically, wind flows across the blades, this creates both lift and drag. These forces cause the rotor to spin, which is connected to a generator. When the wind power turns the rotors of said generator electricity is produced.



What are wind turbines?


The blades on the front of wind turbines are the “turbine”. When you look closer at the blades they’re curved. They are designed that way so wind can spin around them and gain lots of kinetic energy. The generator takes that kinetic energy turns it into electrical energy. A typical 2MW turbine generator will produce 2 million watts of power! Then a transformer converts the electricity to a higher a higher voltage and then it can be safely transferred to the national grid.

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