What is green gas?


Ever asked yourself, what is green gas? Well this post should hopefully shed some light on this topic for you! 


Green gas (or biogas) is sourced from Anaerobic Digestion, where waste that would otherwise leak methane (a gas 20 times more potent than CO2!) into the atmosphere is processed into biogas to be used as fuel.

It works by adding bacteria to organic feed stock – usually waste, like a mixture of animal slurry and vegetation; this process releases a biogas which is collected and in electricity production, is burned to heat water and turn turbines, and the waste heat is put to good use like pasteurising the ‘digestate’ so it can be used as fertiliser.

In gas production, rather than the gas being burned to produce electricity, it goes through a process called ‘scrubbing’. This ensures that it has the same ‘compressibility’ as the natural gas in the grid, while being totally odourless. It can then be injected into the grid for consumption at the same calorific value and pressure as the gas in the grid.

Certified 100% green! Behind the scenes, this gas supply comes with a Green Gas certificate under the independent Green Gas Certification Scheme.

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