Advantages and disadvantages of wind turbines



First of all, the main advantage of using wind turbines is that they are green! Non-renewable alternatives will contribute to climate change and pollution but Wind Turbines will not. They are also much cheaper and easier to build and set up than the likes of Nuclear or Hydroelectric.

It is hypothesised that, out of all the green renewable energy sources wind has the least effect on the climate in terms of carbon emissions! They are even a much cheaper source of energy, with fossil fuel and coal prices usually being quite volatile, wind power is steady and usually much cheaper!

There are also very few places that turbines can be built. The jobs that might be lost in mining and construction will be gained and more with maintenance and construction.

But what we think is the most important advantage to wind power is that it is green, renewable energy that will help contribute positively towards our climate!



You may be hard pressed to imagine any disadvantages to wind power after reading the advantages but there are some reasons why wind power is not so beneficial.

The building of wind turbines can be very expensive and use a lot of resources, although it won’t take long for the turbine to make back the energy used constructing it. In some parts of the country the national grid may need to be upgraded to be able to support wind power which will take time to complete.

It is a widely held opinion that wind turbines are a bit of an eye sore. Although this depends on your own opinion, it is a fact that these turbines take up a lot of space. There are of course offshore wind farms but they also take up a much larger space.

Possibly the most prevalent disadvantage to wind turbines are that they produce varied amounts of power. They are not as reliable for the amount the could be producing in comparison to coal or fossil fuels.


We hope you enjoyed this blog post and you learned all about the advantages and disadvantages of wind turbines! if you’re curious about green energy want to know more, click here!

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