Horizontal-Axis Turbines:

Out of the different types of wind turbines these are the most common type of wind turbines you see both onshore and offshore.

The renewable energy source is growing significantly in the UK so we thought we show just how versatile it can be by describing the different types of wind turbines! 


With horizontal blades instead of the latter vertical. Most commonly with three curved blades. These turbines need a mechanism that pivots the blades so they are facing the wind.


  • Energy produced by Wind Turbines can be very cheap
  • No competitive Wind Market for wind power
  • After construction it will quickly produce more than the amount of energy it needed to be manufactured.



  • Environmental impact on wildlife and ecosystems.
  • People often complain about their impact on landscapes as they can be seen as an eye sore
  • Energy emitted from a horizontal wind turbine can be very intermittent

What are the different types of wind turbines?


Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine

A vertical-axis wind turbine has the main rotor set against the wind, thought strangely, not always vertically! The main components like the generator are located in the bottom of the turbine. Which helps with maintenance and repairs, in drastic contrast to horizontal wind turbines! They also do not need to be pointed into the wind, meaning things like orientation mechanisms aren’t needed!


  • They don’t need complex mechanisms to make sure they’re facing into the wind.
  • They are often more efficient than horizontal wind turbines in strong winds.
  • Maintenance and repairs can be completed much more easily.
  • In most occasions blades for horizontal wind turbines are much easier to manufacture.
  • They can be placed in a wind farm much closer together reducing the amount of land needed.
  • Placed near a horizontal wind turbine farm, they can contribute towards the wind power generation.



  • The angle of the blades can contribute to poor wind power generation
  • Some blades designed for vertical wind-turbines are prone to become damaged quite easily.

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