So what is carbon zero gas?

Carbon Zero Gas gives your business an opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable development and to take practical action to minimise the environmental impact of your carbon emissions. It offers a quality-assured way for you to offset the carbon emissions released as a result of your natural gas consumption, at the same time as supporting accredited carbon-saving projects in Africa and India.


Compensate for your carbon emissions

Carbon Zero Gas enables you to compensate for your carbon emissions by investing in carefully selected carbon-saving initiatives. The schemes you can choose to support are an energy-efficient stove project in Kenya and a wind power plant in India.

Your emissions are calculated, and we then purchase the corresponding number of ‘credits’ from these emission-reduction projects. You can choose whether you want to offset all of your carbon emissions from your gas usage or a percentage of them – and you can support one or both of the carbon-saving schemes.

As proof of your commitment to environmental protection, you will receive a certificate declaring the percentage of emissions you are offsetting through the scheme.

Are you interested in green energy?