Solar power and commercial organisations


There are a great deal of reasons why solar power and commercial organisations is such a great combination. The most important for your business would be the huge energy bills your company faces. Taking control of your own energy usage and production can reduce those energy bills significantly.

Working with us could help you reap the rewards of great financial savings!



Why you should be making the change to Solar PV?


You will know just as well as us that the energy market is very volatile, rising prices year on year contribute an enormous amount to your overhead. The reality of how unstable the energy market is can be very worrisome on business owners large and small, as you never truly have a sense of security.

The very simple solution is to take control of your energy usage and install solar PV. Doing so will not only save you a great deal on your overheads but it will also put you in charge. You will have security over your energy consumption and costs.



What is a Solar Power Purchase Agreement?


A PPA is a financial agreement between the provider of the solar PV system and the customer. The provider arranges the design, permitting, financing and installation of the solar PV system at a very low cost. When the system is installed the provider sells the power generated to the customer at a rate that is usually much lower than the current retail rate. They typically last for 10-25 years and the maintenance of the solar system is under the providers care throughout the agreement length. The customer will have the opportunity to extend, remove or buy the energy system from the provider.



What are the benefits of a PPA?


  • Reducing risks: You are not responsible for the maintenance of the system so there is much less for you to worry about if the system needs repairs.
  • Reduced energy costs: A PPA has the benefit of fixed costs for your electricity during the agreement. This means that the price you would pay will avoid projected utility price increases.
  • Low upfront costs: The developer will handle all aspects of the initial installation of the solar PV system. Therefore, without upfront costs you can start saving as quickly as possible!


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