2050 net zero emissions:The government have made their commitment, will you?

Recently, the government have made the decision to launch a new task force. This task force – The Net Zero Carbon Task force – has the goal of reaching zero carbon emissions by 2050 in the UK. They aim to not only help businesses combat the rising challenges and impacts of climate change but inspire them as well.

With the government’s commitment, a handful of businesses across the UK have also announced their commitment. Their commitment to net zero emissions has coincided with the announcement of the task force. The list of businesses includes the likes of:

  1. Aston Martin
  2. Drax Group
  3. Sky
  4. UPS
  5. EDF Energy
  6. Lloyds Banking Group
  7. Environment Agency

The task force’s main aim is to develop a tool kit for business action. Focusing on business action in terms of their operations and over value chairs as well. The task force will also create a business road map that will help businesses make the necessary changes.

But! The task force can’t do it all on their own! If you’re in manufacturing and want to help the government reach their 2050 goal, start now!

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Net Zero Carbon Taskforce launched in the UK

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