What is Corporate Social Responsibility?


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a type of self-regulating business model that a company adopts in order to help them become more socially accountable. This model can refer to the company itself, stakeholders and the public.

Using this model companies can be more conscious about their impact on aspects of their community. Whether it is social, economic or environmental the essence of why you would adopt CSR is to contribute positively to society or the environment instead of negatively.

CSR can be quite a broad concept depending on industry and company. Though most CSR programs focus on philanthropy and volunteering efforts, all in all you will be forging bonds with the community and your employees.

One of the biggest parts of CSR is ensuring that your organisation is not only responsible for itself but for shareholders and employees as well. If your business naturally fits well with this model it is common that your company could grow to a point where it gives back to your community as well.

With this being said, if your business does grow with this model the more responsible you will become for setting standards for ethical behaviour in your industry, with your competition and peers too.



CSR Standards


The International Organisation for Standardisation released information on how you could implement CSR. Though due to the nature of CSR these principles do not have to be followed strictly. Following their advice, companies would use the principles as guidance to ensure that the can turn CSR principles into effective methods.



So, why should you care about your CSR?


Corporate social responsibility is a great way to stand out from the crowd and form positive relationships with your community and employees. Adopting CSR methods your business could benefit from increased brand recognition, increased sales, customer loyalty, cost savings and much more!

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