Five examples of new renewable technology!


Renewable technology has come a long way throughout the years and there is not shortage of exciting new inventions. With the increased pressure from the climate crisis companies around the world are focusing on creating new adaptable solutions needed to reach net zero targets. Renewable technology may seem limited e.g. solar, hydro and wind. Though within these categories, new technologies are invented to provide solutions to the challenges rural communities, large cities or even industry face with decarbonisation.

These new renewable technologies are often very exciting and truly futuristic! That’s why we have gathered up 5 new renewable technologies that are truly incredible! We think you’ll really find them interesting!


1. Gravitation water vortex power plant (Whirlpool turbine)


This adaptable and creative clean energy solution for local communities is a form of ‘micro hydro’ power. The gravitation water vortex power plant uses moving fluid and converts it into rotational energy. The water forms a vortex in the bottom part of the basin. Water formed into this vortex produces rotational energy that drives a turbine creating electricity within a generator. It can generator this energy 24 hours a day and has an estimated efficiency of 85%! It can be installed in most rivers or canals and does not effect local wildlife!


2. The Smart Flower


This so called modern solution to solar panels is an incredible new renewable technology. The smart flower has been designed to mimic the way a sunflower will move it’s head to face the sun. When the panels open they are programmed throughout the day to follow the sun for optimal energy conversion. The entire system can reportedly be installed within an hour!


3. Floating solar farms


Though the panels themselves aren’t a new technology the floating farm they generate on is definitely new and very exciting! The solar panels are mounted on a structure that floats on a body of water. There are two types of floating solar; Floating photovoltaic (FPV) or Floating concentrated solar power (Floating CSP). They have some impact on the environment but the majority of farms have adapted solutions to prevent any damage to local plant life or wildlife. They are often fully recyclable too! The water also helps cool the system, improving efficiency when compared to traditional solar farms!


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4. Pavegen Tiles


Now this one is very interesting! Pavegen Tiles are floor tiles that use footsteps to generate electricity! Honestly, we’re not kidding! On average, they can generate 5 watts of power per step. They have been designed for cities with high foot traffic. Using these tiles, the company was even able to charge a tesla!

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5. The Waterotor


This portable hydro power plant has been built specifically for slow moving water. It can be used almost anywhere and does not pose a threat to marine wildlife! Working in currents as slow as 2 mph, the waterotor is an excellent new renewable technology!


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