Let’s talk about the elephant in the room; energy efficiency. Most people will be unaware of how energy efficiency can help reduce carbon emissions, but it is actually vital to decarbonisation. Without energy efficiency the UK will struggle and possibly not reach the net-zero target. While it is clear that removing our electricity network of carbon emitting fuel is a fundamental part of reaching zero emissions, without suitable and reliable efficiency methods the complete net-zero goal will be difficult to reach. In fact, most industry professionals believe that the UK has ‘no chance’ of meeting net-zero without energy efficiency!


How energy efficiency can help reduce carbon emissions



Consume less to generate less!

Let’s get the most obvious point out of the way, reducing our energy use will reduce our emissions. With a decreasing nationwide energy consumption, the demand will drop and less and less energy will be generated. Less demand + Less generation = fewer carbon emissions. Of course, this benefit will mostly be nullified by a completely decarbonised network but for now, it is an incredibly viable and cost-effective way to decarbonise quickly.

Measures like the smart meter installations and replacing old boilers or appliances are a great way to start consuming less energy. If you want to do your part and start reducing your energy consumption we have a blog post all about how you can help the UK reach the 2050 net-zero goal, take a look!


Become more efficient!

To many, energy efficiency may mean that we will have to go without, whether that be heating in the winter or electricity. This simply isn’t the case; energy efficiency isn’t just about cutting down on our energy usage either. Being efficient also means being responsible for how much we consume and locating any energy that is wasted along the way.

Taking efficiency methods into effect within your home is often at low cost and effort. They may even save you money! Smart meters are a great way to monitor your energy usage and if you keep checking it every now and again you could detect wasted energy or heating! This is something that all households in the UK should be taking advantage of.

Of course, you can also invest in better insulation, updating your inefficient appliances with more energy efficient ones. Upgrading your boiler, lagging your water tank, all the usual tips and tricks will do it!



How is the UK progressing with energy efficiency?


Well, it isn’t looking too great for the UK and energy efficiency! The general consensus is that efficiency in the UK is progressing too slow. Our housing network remains one of the most inefficient in Europe. It’s true that we have seen some progress with initiatives and schemes, and it seems that the government is still off track with backing energy efficiency. This is one of the most cost-effective ways in which the UK can reduce carbon emissions, and to neglect it may mean that we will fall short of several targets and goals.

If you really want to know the latest with energy efficiency in the UK I’d recommend you take a look at this report made by The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee. It’s got all the detail you could ever ask for! 


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