What can we expect from the UK’s Ten-Point plan?


Boris Johnson has announced that his long awaited Ten-point plan for the UK to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 will be published shortly. While this isn’t a solid date it is at least an update on the progress of the plan.

If you’ve been following our blog recently, you’ll have seen our post on what a green recovery for the UK would look like. This post will build on that and try and estimate what exactly the UK’s ten-point plan will contain.

Though it’s almost impossible to guess exactly what will be planned we can base a lot of our assumptions on several reports published by organisations and companies that have published their own plans for a green recovery.



What might the UK’s ten-point plan look like?


Well, we can safely assume that one of the ten points will be the Prime Minister’s dedication to offshore wind. If you are unaware, Boris Johnson has announced that the Conservative party will strive to power all homes in the UK with offshore wind by 2030. This bold plan will cost roughly £50bn of investment.

For the other 9 points, we believe that their plans for nuclear power will be at least one of them. Boris will be meeting within the next few weeks of this blog post to determine the future of nuclear power in the UK. Should the government decide to continue their support for new nuclear stations then this may very well be another point within the UK’s ten-point plan.

That’s 2 points down, 8 more to go for the UK’s ten-point plan!

The next point will more than likely cover something to do with transport. The green transport revolution is still in its infancy so we think that the new plan will encourage and increase the rate at which electric vehicles are being implemented in the UK.

We believe this, as a recent report has shown how beneficial moving the ban on new diesel and petrol cars would be for the UK. According to a report by Cambridge Econometrics moving the ban forward to 2030 could create a £4.2bn boost for the UK economy. Accelerated action on the ban may also see the UK create almost 32,000 new jobs. So, we think that this may be one of the ten points.

The next 7 points are quite difficult to pin down for the UK’s ten-point plan. However, there are so many things the government could implement, introduce, or invest in that could help us reach net zero by 2050.

So, we thought to make it a bit easier to read that we’d bullet point the next few points:

  • A New Team – In the race toward net zero we think that the conservative party will create some sort of new taskforce or team within the government to ensure that this new ten-point plan will succeed.
  • Floating Wind – Boris Johnson seems smitten with floating wind turbines, so we think that this will be part of the plan, and directly help his goal to power all homes by wind by 2030.
  • Energy Efficiency – There is likely no net zero without a proper implementation of energy efficient procedures for consumer and businesses across the UK. The prime minister would be missing out on an excellent and effective way to cut emissions should he decide not to include this in his plan
  • Cleaning up our interconnectors – A large part of our energy comes from interconnectors and in 2019 only 66% of the energy we received was zero carbon. So, this may be another point that the conservatives will include.
  • Hydrogen – We’ve seen a few examples of hydrogen being injected into gas mixes across the UK. This would be a costly but effective method of reducing carbon emissions from heating across the UK.
  • New and Improved Infrastructure – If the UK is to make rapid changes to reach net zero by 2050 the infrastructure will need to be reworked, updated, and improved all across the UK
  • Imports, exports and investment – Lastly, we think that the UK might include their investments, imports and exports within this plan. Divesting from fossil fuels and taking responsibility for how things we import are transported and how we transport our exported goods.



This is, of course, all speculative. We can’t predict with 100% accuracy, but we’re eager to find out exactly what they have planned for the UK’s ten-point plan. We hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for giving it a read, we appreciate it!

Stay safe and well.



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