On site generation for small business. What a system for your business could look like.

In the UK and Ireland, over a quarter of businesses have started investing in on site generation. Now, it’s your turn to start your net zero transition!


If you run a small business and have not yet considered on site generation now is definitely the time to get started. In fact, a third of businesses in the UK have stated that they are considering it. Exploring on site generation for small business will become a necessity across the UK as the Net Zero goal is ever looming.


How to get started.

On site generation for small business is a highly unique experience. A great deal of the design will depend on certain limitations and specific needs. So as a result, most of the small businesses that inquire about on site generation will have a unique bespoke design that will cater to their said needs and provide a work around for their limitations.

One of the most common forms of on site generation are Solar PV installations, but a lot of small businesses could require more than just electricity generation. Larger consumers of energy could benefit from technology like combined heat and power, wherein their electricity and gas needs are met with one very efficient generator. There are also ground source heat pumps that can be combined with Solar PV to fully meet their energy needs.

Getting started is easy, just get in touch with us and our team of Net Zero specialists will get you started.


Why you should be getting started.

We understand that on site generation for small business might not be at the top of your to do list but there are a number of great benefits that most small businesses simply cannot ignore. The following are just a few of the most significant benefits:

Secure your future:

On site generation for small business can provide a unique opportunity to get ahead of government legislation for today and  the far future. Should the UK fail to meet their own goals and objectives, you will more than likely avoid new measures and legislation that could catch other businesses off guard.


Renewable energy is cost effective and getting cheaper.

As green and renewable technology improves, and with systems become more and more advanced, the world has seen a drastic decrease in the price of renewable energy.


Avoid the volatility of the energy markets.

The energy markets have always been quite volatile even before the COVID-19 pandemic interfered. Generating your own energy shelters you from the steep increases in price of electricity and gas.


 Commit to climate action.

Making a commitment to climate action is essential for businesses and organisations across the UK. By 2050, all businesses will need to be Net Zero, and it goes without saying that getting ahead of the goal is incredibly worthwhile.


 Supply security.  

A combination with storage technology means that excess generated energy can be stored and used at a later date. This is especially useful when there are periods of low sunlight for solar panels.


Show the world you care.

Public attitudes are changing, becoming more socially and environmentally conscious and your employees, customers and stakeholders are all part of the public. Show them that you care about the environment.


Those are just a few of the main reasons that small businesses across the UK are setting and working toward Net Zero through on site generation for small business. If we haven’t convinced you with this post then why not get in touch with us and our team of Net Zero specialists







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