The New Gas Boiler Ban – What you need to know ahead of the ban.

As the UK continues its path toward a future with Net Zero emissions more drastic measures are going to become more commonplace. This new gas boiler ban can be considered one of these drastic measures to ensure Net Zero.

It’s very likely that this ban will be a key part of the government’s future for their Net Zero transition and could potentially be as soon as 2025. As a nation heavily dependant on gas boilers having a long list of questions and worries regarding the ban will be quite common.

But don’t worry, we are here to answer your burning questions!


What is the reason behind the new gas boiler ban?

95% homes in the UK have become accustomed to convenient, occasionally, cheap heating over the decades. Unfortunately, almost all these homes are centrally heated with oil or gas boilers.

Despite the luxury of central heating this is bad news for our environment as oil and natural gas are both fossil fuels, meaning they produce greenhouse gases when burned.

So, to cut to the chase we need to end our reliance on gas and oil burners so we can stop the contribution to climate change.


How will the new gas boiler ban affect you?

So, the only thing you have to currently worry about is whether you’re buying a newbuild home from 2025! That is the only thing set in stone at this current point in time.

Whether or not this will change in the near future is hard to predict.

If you’re also concerned about a new gas boiler ban applying to your current home, you have no need. For the time being at least! There are no current plans to replace gas and oil boilers in old homes or newbuild home before 2025.

What we do recommend however, is that you look into replacing your gas or oil boiler before it becomes last minute and laborious. The government will certainly be introducing new incentives and schemes to help with this transition, so you might want to keep your eye out!


Will there definitely be a new gas boiler ban?

As with all these new drastic legislative measures we can merely speculate as to the certainty of them. However, it is almost certain that the new gas boiler ban will apply to all new built homes in the UK.

We can say with certainty as the Prime Minister has included this policy in the government’s ‘Future Homes Standard’ announced toward the end of 2019. The policy is not currently sign into law it is making its way through parliament.

Pardon the expression, but it is safe to say that natural gas and oil is definitely going the way of the dinosaurs. In the future, we will undoubtedly see a gas and oil boiler ban, it is simply not sustainable and harmful to the environment. So, yes there will definitely be a new gas boiler ban, just not in the immediate future.


So, what’s the alternative?

There is already a slew of existing alternatives to traditional gas and oil boilers, and there are already so many examples of how beneficial these alternatives.

Countries like Iceland have been benefitting from ‘free’ district heating for many years. Thought this is highly dependant on geographical location as the utilise a central geothermal ‘district heating system’.

District heating – This concept has become a widely applied solution to gas and oil central boilers. District heating can encapsulate low carbon energy sources like heat pumps and hydrogen gas networks. It can even encompass waste heat from factories and industrial sectors.

Hydrogen – This concept has come a long way since certain noticeable events in history regarding the application of hydrogen! For example, nearly 100 homes in Keele University received blended gas for 18 months with great results and a success story for alternative heating.

Heat pumps – There are currently two widely used heat pump technologies. The first of which being Air source heat pumps. Air source heat pumps take heat from the air outside. The second technology is called ground source heat pumps. This concept takes heat from some pipes that are laid into the ground, taking the natural, renewable warmth from the earth.


If you have more questions about the new gas boiler ban, get in touch with us! Thanks for taking the time to read our blog post, have an excellent day!


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