How businesses can adapt to climate change


It’s not enough for businesses to just recycle anymore or just support alternative commuting methods for their employees. It is so much more important now for all businesses to adapt to the looming threat of climate change. In this blog post we will cover the easiest ways businesses can adapt to climate change, and that includes you!

We won’t sugar coat it, it’s a legislative and logistical nightmare keeping up with the seemingly endless crisis responses and hastily published domestic and international policy. That’s why we thought this blog post could help encourage our readers that adapting to climate change doesn’t need to be a headache!

Outlining the easiest ways businesses can adapt to climate change isn’t simple but following them will be!


1. Track and update your contribution to the climate crisis.


Greenwashing is a relatively recent term and it’s clear that it can be incredibly damaging to the reputation of an organisation’s brand. Therefore, we have clearly seen where these organisations have gone wrong, one of the main ways for example, would be the failure to disclose their carbon contribution and updating their employees, audience, or customers on their progress. You will soon see just how businesses can adapt to climate change, especially when you introduce something like our carbon accounting software.


2. Listen to the legislation.


As the world continues to prepare crisis responses to the climate crisis it is vital that you keep yourself in the loop. Take advantage of aggregators and news sites that are cantered around climate change and the energy industry. Even our blog, keep that in your bookmarks and weekly or monthly, give them all a check. Without accurate and recent information, it will be next to impossible to adapt to climate change.


3. Prepare to get into the thick of it.


Detail, detail, detail! The key to this is the details, don’t get too focused on the bigger picture. Asking questions to get started is only the first part of the process, to properly adapt to the climate crisis, you will need all the details, the metrics, analytics. This can be managed quite easily with the employment of staff with expertise in this area, as well as the training of existing staff and working with a specialist consultancy partner, like us!


4. Take the negatives and turn them into opportunities.


Like with most businesses across the UK, and worldwide, you may be shocked by the initial impact that you will be having on the climate crisis. Some may already be aware and are daunted by this reality. One of the best ways to get over this is to change your point of view. Turn your carbon footprint into a target, a key performance indicator, or take this as an investment in your companies and employees futures, a reason for people to come and work for you. Think of the potential rewards that comes with adapting to climate change. These challenges will be well worth the struggle when the have been reached.


5. Make adapting to climate change a priority.


This one may not be the easiest step we’ve outlined so far but it certainly one of the most important. It is vital that you prioritise adapting to climate otherwise your business will never accomplish what you set out to do, missing out on the rewards and significant benefits. Go beyond switching your energy supplier, basic one-off projects and don’t just set a meaningless number or target. Go the extra distance, create projects that matter and will truly help your business adapt to climate change.


Businesses can adapt to climate change, and it only take a moment to get started.

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