The Certificate rates the energy performance and the environmental impact of properties on a scale of A – G

What is an Energy Performance Certificate?


Part of our Building Energy Assessment services include EPC’s or energy performance certificates. An Energy Performance Certificate is a document, produced by an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor.

The Certificate rates the energy performance and the environmental impact of properties on a scale of ‘A’ – ‘G’. Rating ‘A’ is the most energy efficient and least impact on environment in terms of CO2 emissions, through to rating ‘G’ which is the least efficient and the maximum environmental impact.

Do I need an Energy Performance Certificate?


Most of us are now familiar with the concept of ‘A’ – ‘E’ ratings on white goods – designed to easily inform purchasers of the energy efficiency of a particular product. This concept applies to your home as well, in the form of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

England and Wales have a legal duty to comply with a 2002 European Directive on energy efficiency. This legal duty will be satisfied through the Energy Performance Certificate, which used to form part of the Home Information Pack. These packs were scrapped in May 2010. However, the Energy Performance Certificate part has not and you still require one in order to market your property.

What does the Energy Performance Certificate cover?


The Certificate contains energy ratings for homes. It will outline the cost of heating, hot water and lighting in homes and will give practical advice on how to cut these costs and reduce carbon emissions. It will also provide sellers and buyers with an A-G rating on their homes.

By acting upon the recommendations, it is anticipated that the average home owner will save £300 every year on fuel bills. Recommendations could include information as to how to insulate your loft better, upgrade heating controls such as thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) and the installation of solar panels.

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