Future Net Zero Standard

In order to help facilitate your future net zero journey, we are now an official distribution partner for Future Net Zero Standard.

What is Future Net Zero Standard?


All businesses are bound to the UK’s net zero target of 2050 and not every business will fully understand what it takes to reach or even set Net Zero targets and roadmaps. This is where FNZ comes in, as a cloud based platform that aims to help businesses across the UK outline their carbon footprint and set goals in order to reach Net Zero. It is a simple, cost effective software that will make your transition to Net Zero painless!

While we offer a range of services that can help customers reduce their carbon emissions our most valuable tool is a new cloud based software. Future Net Zero Standard is cost effective, simple and only requires a small amount of time dedicated toward it each month!

Why you should choose Future Net Zero Standard.

Business owners across the UK should be taking this time to look at their carbon footprint, find out where and what greenhouse gases you are responsible for and draw up plans to reduce them and reach net zero. Making sure you reach net zero well before the target and set you ahead of competitors and legislation when the time comes.

Join the countless other businesses and organisations across the UK and start your net zero journey. We understand how daunting this must all seem but with us, it is simple, quick and easy to get started.

How this could apply to you:

Some of the main features of Future Net Zero Standard.

Carbon Footprint Tracking

The carbon footprint action tracker can help with:

  • Detailed summary by Category & Scope
  • Change Analysis by Category & Scope
  • Easily see what’s driving changes in your carbon footprint
  • Splits changes by Volume & Intensity to drive by usage & carbon efficiency
  • Simple download for onward reporting

Energy, fuels & fugitive emissions reporting

See exactly where you energy comes from!

  • Report Purchased energy by category
  • Additionally track & report Business Facility & Working from Home energy if your business is looking at long term WFH
  • Fully capture & report fuels & fugitive emissions

Customisable Reporting via inbuilt Analytics suite

This feature allows you to:

  • Create customised reporting for your organisation
  • Download data into excel for additional analysis
  • Produce graphs and charts for stakeholder presentation
  • Create & store ‘Favourites’ for regular reporting

What can FNZ do for your business?

Your questions answered.

We want to publish our carbon footprint as part of our net zero pledge, will FNZ help us do that?
Yes, FNZ is one of the easiest methods to help organisations publicise their carbon footprint. When your energy use, business travel, total carbon and carbon by area is entered into the software your carbon footprint will be calculated, providing an excellent starting point for our Net Zero journey.
Can it help us measure our carbon footprint?
Yes, you will be able to see accurate measurements, records and details regarding your carbon footprint, without taking up too much time. It automatically generates your carbon footprint with the data you enter into the software.
We want to get started with our Net Zero journey but we lack the knowledge!
We understand that learning about this can be timely and very confusing, but with FNZ the metrics and data that matters will be presented to you through manageable and easily digestible dashboards. Showing you exactly where and why you need to improve.
Why should we publicise our carbon footprint?
Publicising your carbon footprint can allow your business the powerful opportunity to show employees, customers and stakeholders the difference you are making in the fight against climate change.

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Future Net Zero Standard with the CBN Expert program is the best method to start tracking your carbon footprint, setting your Net Zero Commitment and meeting your Net Zero goals. Sign up to our newsletter and we will help you start your Race to Net Zero!

Total Carbon Reporting

Future Net Zero Standard takes the difficulty out of monitoring and reporting on your carbon footprint!

Reaching Net Zero

Get ahead of the government set targets and future legislation by reaching Net Zero before it’s too late!

Make your commitment today.

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