Heating Decarbonisation Plans

What is the purpose of a heat decarbonisation plan​? And purpose of the Public Sector Low Carbon Skills Fund?

Purpose of a Heat Decarbonisation Plan​

The purpose of a HDP is to describe how an organisation intends to replace fossil fuel reliant systems with low carbon alternatives (e.g. Heat Pumps). To meet the challenge of net zero, organisations throughout the UK need to decarbonise their buildings. A HDP describes the current state of an organisation’s energy use and its plans for reducing and/or decarbonising its energy use. The plan outlines what an organisation has already done, what it is currently doing, what it plans to do in the future. The plan explains what actions are going to be taken, over what timescales, and the intended outcomes.

Purpose of the Public Sector Low Carbon Skills Fund

This fund enables public sector organisations to access grant funding to help them produce a HDP. It is possible that you do not have either the resources or the skilled personnel needed to complete a HDP. If that is the case, you can apply for funding to either produce the whole plan or to appoint specialist help to your organisation to create that plan. Greener Solutions Group can work with your organisation to produce a Heating Decarbonisation plan, and help to overcome the challenges that may present in any application for funding.

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