Our Services

We not only offer managed energy procurement but we can also offer other services that might interest you. Please take a look at our services below to learn more


We help all sectors from retail to manufacturing and leisure in managing elements of utility siteworks.

Low Carbon Energy

A main part of our services is ensuring you get the best deal on low carbon and renewable electricity and gas


We can offer ethical energy & water management for business, schools and colleges and the public sector

Building Energy Assessments

We can offer DEC’s, TM44’s, EPC’s and Commercial EPC’s provided, with nationwide availability.

Combined Heat and Power

Cogeneration or combined heat and power is the use of a power station or heat engine to generate electricity and useful heat at the same time

Energy Monitoring Software

We offer a type of energy monitoring software, that helps you manage energy costs and consumption. For more information about automated meter readings click here!

Lighting Solutions

We offer LED Lighting solutions for your business. If you’re interested in seeing how our LED lighting scheme could do for your business, click the icon above and learn more!

Solar PV

Learn about how your business could be benefiting from a solar PV system

Are energy contracts causing a headache?


We all know that energy costs can be a huge percentage of your overhead and with prices going up, they can’t be ignored. But navigating the energy market can be a real hassle, especially for time-strapped business owners, finance directors or managers.

Greener Solutions Group can arrange energy supply contracts for business and commercial organisations of all sizes. We use our knowledge of the market to find the best tariff for your companies usage profile, be that large manufacturing, multi-site retail or leisure and tourism.

What is managed energy procurement?


We work with you to establish your goals and objectives, whether they are reducing costs, reducing your carbon footprint or ensuring your buildings are compliant with energy efficiency standards and legislation.

You have a dedicated, fully qualified account manager to provide expert advice. They will do all the hard work of maintaining your energy contracts and ensuring you are on the best available tariff.

Your account manager does not work on commission, so remains wholly independent and impartial.

How does it work?


You pay a simple annual flat fee and in return we review your contract on a regular basis, in line with your needs (this could be annually, quarterly or even monthly).

We visit your site to assess your current usage and efficiency and make a development plan – identifying opportunities to save energy whenever possible. Regular reports allow you to track progress and provide clear accountability

We are able to offer contracts from every single supplier on the market and can guarantee the best rates on the day. We can also offer the best prices on renewable electricity and carbon zero gas.

What can I save?


Our largest cost saving to date was £63,000 per annum on a single meter! Cost savings can be significant regardless of how big or small your premises are.

Local authority procurement groups often look attractively priced (or maybe that’s who you have always used). But the contracts often come with high management fees and daily charges, which means they aren’t always great value over the longer term.  Plus, many customers report having to deal with issues and suppliers without support from the local authority group.  As well as saving you money, we save time and hassle, by resolving customer service issues quickly and efficiently on your behalf.

Ready to go green?

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