Solar PV

Learn about how your business could be benefiting from a solar PV system

What is a Solar PV?


Also called a photovoltaic system, is a type of solar power system that is often combined with a Power Purchase Agreement. The system consists of different components that help take solar radiation from the sun and convert it into usable electricity.

The system is suited for both large and small scale installations and can be a stand alone system though most are connected to the national grid. It is becoming a popular solution to the often volatile energy market, allowing you to take your energy consumption into your own hands all while saving you money and producing no harmful emissions!

What is a Power Purchase Agreement? (PPA)


A Power Purchase Agreement is a financial agreement between the provider of the system and a customer. The provider covers all areas of system; the design, permitting, financing and installation of the  system, all at a very low cost. When the system is installed the provider sells the power generated to the customer at a rate that is usually much lower than the current retail rate.

They typically last for 10-25 years and the maintenance of the solar system is under the providers care throughout the agreement length. The customer will have the opportunity to extend, remove or buy the energy system from the provider.

Advantages of installing a Solar PV system

1.  The systems are silent running and can make efficient use of space

2.  The photovoltaic panels require very little maintenance

3.  The system can operate for a long time

4.  It is a local renewable and sustainable source of energy, reducing your environmental impact

5.  The system will not produce any harmful emissions

Solar PV

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