Thermal Survey

The use of thermography in buildings is commonly used for checking insulation of the building and possible heat loss.

Thermal Imaging (thermal survey) can help with:


    • Construction Faults – By using thermal Imaging to identify construction faults, these can be remedied in advance of serious damage being caused. They are an important part of condition reports, especially in relation to retrofit projects.
    • Drying of Buildings – Thermography can help identify moisture problems on the interior or exterior of the property.
    • Air Leaks – Finding an air leak during your building survey can help you keep your home warmer and more insulated, possibly resulting in a decrease in energy costs.
    • Leaks in Flat Roofs – Thermal Surveys can help reduce the chance of possible leakage in flat roofing before it becomes a wider issue.
    • Building Renovations – Thermal Imaging can help show what parts of the property need improving, saving money on unnecessary restoration works.
    • Damp and Mildew – Using thermal cameras, you are able to pin point areas of damp, remediation of the issue from its root.

Thermal surveys can sometimes play an important part in finding the root cause of problems with a building, not only can thermography do this quickly and efficiently, it is less intrusive than drilling holes in the building fabric for borescopic surveys.

Greener Solutions Group carry out thermal imaging surveys both before and after for PAS 2035 retrofit projects.

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