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We can offer ethical utility management for business, schools and colleges and the public sector


Natural gas is still the most widely used fuel for heating in the UK, with little to choose from different suppliers other than price, we can secure the most competitive rates possible on your gas supplies by utilising our supplier network.


Greener Solutions Group review the energy market multiple times per day, and can provide reports to the client identifying trends that will assist in making the decision on when to buy, and whether to fix all costs for a certain period, fix electricity only, or purchase on a flexible contract where costs will go up and down in line with the market.


Greener Solutions Group can offer water procurement services to organisations of all sizes as part of our utility management.We can compare costs and advise on the most suitable supplier for your needs.

Utility Management:


Electricity Supplies – Switch today and save!


The business electricity market is a complex and volatile market. Over the past 18 months we have seen wholesale prices bottom as low as £30 per megawatt and rise up over £90 per megawatt for a period. With increased taxes and levies to add to this cost it really pays to use utility management with a consultant to look after this area of your business expenditure.

We can also provide a breakdown of where your electricity is generated from with your chosen supplier, to better enable you to make an informed choice in line with your goals. For micro business, we understand that energy can be seen as a distraction from achieving your business goals, and are happy to keep it as simple or as in depth as you desire.

Give us a call on 0191 500 9786 to get the most competitive rate for your organisation.

Gas Supplies


Many businesses do not realise that when their business energy contract is due for renewal, if they do not act at the right time, the energy supplier will automatically roll them over onto a new contract, often at less than competitive rates. When this happens, businesses lose the chance to shop around for better energy deals and are stuck with their current gas suppliers for a fixed period.

By allowing Greener Solutions Group to take care of your gas supplies, you can be assured that this will not happen, and you will get ample notice of contract end dates and termination windows.

Give us a call on 0191 500 9786 to get the most competitive rate for your organisation.

Water Procurement – Save on your water bills!


The benefits of an open water market: Utility management for water has become much easier! Since April 2017, eligible businesses and other non-household customers in England are able to choose their supplier of water and wastewater retail services.

The benefits that up to 1.2 million eligible customers could see will depend on the individual requirements of each business. But, in a competitive market, customers will be able to negotiate with retailers for the best price and service package to suit their needs. As well as greater choice, customers can expect to save money and save water through lower bills and increased water efficiency. Tailored services and bundled packages could also see customers benefit from better deals for their business.

A competitive water market is also expected to deliver over £200m of benefit to the UK economy and bring significant environmental benefits too. In the new market, retailers will compete with each other to win customers. One of the ways that they will try to do this is by offering higher standards of service as well as lower costs. Customers with more than one premises may be able to deal with only one supplier for their water and wastewater services, which could reduce paperwork and administration costs.

According to leading think tank Policy Exchange, one business customer who receives over 4,000 paper bills a year for their different sites could save £80,000 to £200,000 per year in administration costs if it:

Moved to a single supplier for water and wastewater services

Received a single electronic bill

Water Audits – Are you using too much water?


76% of all commercial organisations are using too much water, with an average cost saving of around 40% achievable. Part of our utility management is carrying out water audits. Our water audits investigate water usage at your site to understand where and how water is being used as well as identifying waste.

The audit can define the problem such as an underground leak or internal running water, and help identify potential cost saving opportunities.We would then identify water wastage and opportunities for cost savings and make recommendations for each customer that could help reduce water use.

Initial bill analysis is free of charge and clients are under no obligation to carry out additional works we may recommend.  Call us on 0191 500 9567 to arrange an initial billing audit.

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